Marketing & Installation
Brief set by D&AD
The uk has over 150,000 grassroots teams making team sport possible year-round 

Create a guerilla marketing campaign that gets young people (16 - 18) excited and connected to the Twister brand. Your idea must centre on Out of Home advertising and get people talking on social media to help launch Twister’s new look & feel in 2024 and beyond.


In celebration of grassroots teams, we’re encouraging communities to turn up the heat and cool down with Twister. Giant ice typography, with frozen Twister Ice creams inside them, will appear at sports venues across the world to cool down players after a sports match. We’re encouraging the 3.2 million young people who participate in community sports to show off how they #uptheheat.

Collaborators: Alice Gow

a new meaning to cool

Using sports phrases which resonate with young people and are associated with a level of skill, the giant typography motivates players to turn up the heat within their sport. Consequently needing to cool down they can interact with the ice and enjoy a Twister ice cream.

gone global

fundraising event
Pop-up fundraising events allow communities to compete in a penalty-shoot-out style game with the winners gaining funding for their local club. This promotional event for Twister creates more sharable social media moments and buzz in city centres.