Branding & Packaging
Brief set by Dyson
You can’t spot the changes but calla can.

Develop a visual identity for Dotplot’s breast health device in 2 weeks.


Breast cancer is the world’s most prevalent cancer but early detection can improve survival rates by 99%. Breast cancer may or may not also exhibit any physical changes on the surface of the skin, which makes breast self-examination with Calla an important first step.

Our branding targets young women, as they are most frequently affected, to ensure any abnormalities are caught early. The visual identity is bold, and friendly and has an everyday aesthetic to remove the medicalisation of the device and increase uptake.  

Collaborators: Danielle Julian, Rebecca Miller, Amelia Fulton-Urry + Alice Gow

a brand which has crafted the world’s first at-home breast monitoring system.

Our bright colours and soft shapes reflect the femininity behind the brand, whilst the verbal branding engages an audience who perhaps knows little about performing a breast self-check.

We branded calla as the solution that does it all.
Our copy hierarchy first engages the user by encouraging them to spot the difference and then follows up with how Calla can help you spot the changes and monitor your breast health easily at home.

m&s x calla

M&S is a frequented underwear shop for our target audience which combined with the brand’s trustworthy, everyday aesthetic promotes Calla as a non-evasive and positive product.

national boob day x calla

I produced the out-of-home posters and pop space for this collaboration. The decision to exclusively use the colour purple for this promotional material was a group one, and I used our elements to create a celebratory campaign that highlights how versatile Calla is.

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